Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm testing this blog to see what it looks like with a post. At least the writing doesn't seem to be in Slovak anymore!
The idea of this blog is to be a visual blog, not a writing blog. But I guess I'll write a little bit when I post pictures of my paintings, or whatever other pictures I might post.
This painting is from a photograph I took last week while in Ridnauntal, Italy. With some friends, I hiked with sleds up a snowy trail to the Stadlalm--a hut where they sold food and drinks. We drank small Weissbiers, and then sledded all the way back down the switchbacks.
I was in Ridnaun training for biathlon. It snowed at least a foot while I was there, and there was probably almost 3 feet total. Luckily it eventually stopped snowing and the sun came out!
I've tentatively titled this "Towards the Stadlalm".
It's watercolor, 8 x 12 in.

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