Sunday, February 12, 2012

Canmore, Alberta

Right now I'm in Canmore, Alberta, getting ready to race in biathlon IBU cup races this coming Wednesday and Thursday. This is my first time in Canmore, and it is SOOOO beautiful here, I'm still in awe. The mountains are so big and sheer and exhilarating. It makes me just want to be outside all the time, taking it in. I also have to be careful when I ski, because I have a tendency to want to go fast here!

This is the view you get after a 10 minute run from our condo, looking toward the Three Sisters. (You get the same view from the condo, except with a few more buildings and grocery stores cluttering it up.) I also thought it might be interesting to include the photo that I based it off of.

The painting may not be quite done--its still in the "looking at it from afar lots of times and fixing anything that bothers me" stage that all my paintings go through. But that could last for several days, so I wanted to get it up here anyway!

The Three Sisters 9x12 Watercolor

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