Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Goofy Goat

I've been painting more than I've been posting here, I swear!  This one is actually from almost two weeks ago.  And there's been at least one more in progress and one gift painting since my last post.  But admittedly, I went for a little while without painting, primarily because I was home in Craftsbury for three whole weeks.  When I'm home, there's always something that seems more pressing than painting--like helping to keep the gardens under control and the peas and zucchinis at a reasonable size.  But now I'm back at the OTC, so I should have time to paint more, assuming I can stop watching the olympics for a few minutes.
This goofy little goat really did have this silly little sideways smile, and it was also almost this skinny...though I think I inadvertently may have made its neck a bit too long. It was fun to paint though, and I'm really happy with how the grass came out.  Grass is one of the hardest things to paint, in my opinion.

Watercolor, 16 x 11

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