Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aspens to Infinity

I'm in Utah right now for a biathlon training camp, so it only seemed fitting to make at least one Utah painting while I was out here.  But I decided that before I was going to paint an aspen grove, I needed some masking fluid.  I'd been meaning to experiment with masking fluid for a while, so this was the perfect time to do it!  Masking fluid is basically like rubber cement that you can paint on the the paper, and it dries into a thin rubbery film.  You can then paint over it and it protects the paper wherever you put it.  When you pull it off, you have nice clean white paper underneath!  It was really fun to use, and fun to peel off too--like peeling of a really bad blistered sunburn.  The leaves had actually already fallen off most of the aspens when we got here, but I had to add them back in because I just love their bright yellow color.  

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