Friday, August 9, 2013

Yikes! I need to catch up!

I've been bad--I stopped posting to my blog for about 6 months.  That is way too long!  And I've painted quite a bit in that time, so it's inexcusable.  I didn't paint much from my Antholz post through the end of the winter.  But then in May I spent a week at the Johnson Studio Center, doing a painting residency as part of their Vermont Artists Week.   It was a great change of focus from my life of biathlon racing and training, and it was a great experience.  I met lots of interesting VT artists and admired lots of work that was very different from mine.  And I painted a lot.  But by the end of the week, I was actually almost tired of painting.  My paintings seemed boring to me compared to everyone else's work, and though I'd done a lot of painting, I sort of felt like I should have accomplished even more.  I had a rushed transition back into training life, and I never even got pictures of all of my paintings, let alone posted them here.  I still don't have pictures of the oil paintings I did there, which took up most of my time.

And then spring turned into summer...and I have been slow at getting back into painting.  But I've done a little, and gotten really into a few projects for friends that I can't spoil by posting here now.  So despite the fact that this is an incomplete catching-up, here it is!  Just a few of the paintings from my spring and summer.

A pleine aire painting I did in Johnson.

A couple of kids, standing in front of their bamboo-jungle at the Koons' farm.  

More goofy kids playing on their seesaw.

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