Saturday, February 8, 2014

So what exactly is biathlon, anyway?

I am being spoiled in so many ways right now.  One of those ways is that I, like every other member of the U.S. Olympics team, got a free Samsung smartphone courtesy of the USOC, Samsung, and AT&T.   I can't believe how lucky I am just to be here, and I get awesome things like that to boot!  It has a huge screen, and it came with a stylus, so of course my first thought when I saw that was "drawing!!"   I downloaded a drawing/painting app, and decided to do a little illustrated explanation of biathlon to share.  I made this a few days ago, and since then the Huffington Post has done a more entertaining sort of intro to biathlon here, but I've decided I should post mine anyways!  Sorry if my handwriting is barely legible at times...


  1. I love this. I think #16 may be my favorite.

  2. Thank you for educating us in a simplistic way about what Biathlon really consists of. Glad you are taking full advantage of the experience and I enjoy following your blog.