Thursday, September 18, 2014

Feeling like Fall

In the last two weeks, the weather here in Lake Placid took a sudden turn towards fall.  Cold nights, crisp days.  At first I resisted it, and wanted more summer.  But then I gave in and now I'm happily enjoying the sights, smells, and habits of fall.  I'm still holding out on turning on the heat in my apartment and so I am bundled up pretty much all the time, whether I'm inside or outside.  I've been drinking lots of tea, and making soup and applesauce.

But the leaves are only just now beginning to catch up with the chilly weather and turn red.  I was impatient to make a fall painting, so I got a photo from a bike ride we went on last fall from my teammate Annelies.  So no, the leaves aren't this bright quite yet.  But they're on their way now!

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