Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kowhai and Frederick

This painting isn't for sale, but I wanted to post something so that my multitudes of blog readers (hehe) would know that I am still in fact painting.  I visited Nils at his family's farm in Maine, and had lots of fun helping out (playing) with the goats.  I helped pull this particular baby goat into the world.  We named him Frederick.  Sadly his mother, Kowhai, died from complications with a second baby.  So I made this painting in memory of her.  She was a very nice goat.
I painted it during my first biathlon-training stint in Lake Placid. Painting things like this is a great way for me to stay sane while living at the olympic training center there.  I'm going to be spending quite a bit more time there this summer, so that should ensure more paintings!  And I took lots of baby goat pictures, so there will probably be some more baby goat paintings too!

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