Monday, June 11, 2012

Goats and Greens

Veggie fields at Pete's Greens.  Oil on hardboard.

For the past week here in Lake Placid, I've been concurrently working on two paintings: an oil painting, and a watercolor.  This works well because oil paint dries slowly and often I need to give the painting a day or two to dry before I can continue working on it without the lights and darks getting all muddled together.  I suppose I could have done two oil paintings at once, but its fun to switch back and forth--both mediums have their pros and cons.
Both of these paintings presented challenges to me--I had to re-do the rows of seedlings quite a few times before I was satisfied.  But the baby goats were especially hard.  Its hard enough to capture the essence of one creature--let alone a whole bunch at once.  I'm still not happy with them!  I think I should start doing more animal paintings--they're a good challenge.

Baby Goats.  There's no way they would have been in a row
like this without a fence.  Maybe I should have painted the
fence too?  

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