Tuesday, October 15, 2013


When I started this blog, it was meant to make me do more art, because I like to create stuff and it makes me happy, but sometimes its easier not to.  So the blog was going to encourage me, while also being a more unique way of documenting my travels and adventures as a ski racer and biathlete.  It worked pretty well for a while--I was painting more and loving it.  But slowly I started to feel like I had to make each painting perfect.  I started thinking more about trying to sell art, and more about what people might want to buy.  I started to paint less because I was putting too much pressure on myself!  And most of my paintings were from photographs.  I don't think that painting from a photograph is necessarily a bad thing, but I want to be more versatile and creative than just that.  

So now, as I commence the traveling portion of my year, and as I work towards trying to make it onto the world cup and maybe even the Olympics, I've decided that I need to rejuvenate my blog.  I want to document my travels through art.  I've created some guidelines for myself to follow.  Now I will commence trying to follow them!

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  1. Your Art rules is a real what you had inspire to me yesterday at the BVT Airport.
    I'm with you and I'll follow your art and your USA Team result too :-) Be proud of the wonderful Lady you are ! You make my day